Ratio Home Box Plus.  Made in Holland, this wall charger has an approved integrated KW meter, with integrated DC protection. 


Get the electricty rebate for only 100 kr. / md. with this charger.


This box is can be delivered with a coiled or straight cord and with a Tesla button on the Type 2 plug.  Standard cord length is 5 meters.


Ratio Home Box Plus

CEE stik
  • Read all about the home box here

  • Properties

    Charging System

    IEC61851, Mode 3

    Outlet version

    IEC 62196, type 2 

    Power input

    1-phase to 3-phase, 16A, 230V-400V

    Power output

    3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW

    Fejlstrømsafbryder (AC/DC beskyttelse)

         AC 30mA, DC 6mA (kræver en HPFI A foran oplader)




    400x250x105 mm

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