Lease the Ratio Home Box Plus.   350 kr. per month rental, which includes the electricty rebate subscription.  A  a 3500 kr. fully refundable deposit is due at order. 


Made in Holland, this wall charger has an approved integrated KW meter, and integrated DC protection. 


This charger can be delivered with a coiled or straight cord and with a Tesla button on the Type 2 plug.  Standard cord length is 5 meters.



f you choose to purchase during the rental period, the purchase price is calcualted at a 4% decrease in value per month.  After the first year the purchase price = the security deposit.

Normal purchase price of 5950 kr.

Residual value per month (price for purchase per month leased).

1: 5712

2: 5474

3: 5236

4: 4998

6: 4760

6: 4522

7: 4284

8: 4046

9: 3808

10: 3570

11: 3500

Lease - Ratio Home Box Plus - Lease

CEE stik
  • Read all about the home box here

  • Properties

    Charging System

    IEC61851, Mode 3

    Outlet version

    IEC 62196, type 2 

    Power input

    1-phase to 3-phase, 16A, 230V-400V

    Power output

    3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW

    Fejlstrømsafbryder (AC/DC beskyttelse)

      AC 30mA, DC 6mA (kræver en HPFI A foran oplader)




    400x250x105 mm


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