Want to try the Juice booster?  You can for only 450 per month, electricity refund supscription included. A 4500 kr. refundable deposit is due at order. ( Adding the wall mount or additional adaptors increases the deposit.) 


The Ultimate solution.  Indestructible!  Zapp integrates a KW meter for monitoring electricty usage and electricity rebate purposes.


Portable, flexible and amazingly adapatable.  You can plug it into anything and charge, 1 phase, 3 phase, 6 Amps to 32 Amps, it all works.   


Wall mount and travel packs are available as options.


If you choose to purchase during the rental period, the purchase price is calcualted at a 4% decrease in value per month.  After the first year the purchase price = the security deposit.

Normal purchase price of 8500 kr.

Residual value per month (price for purchase per month leased).

1: 8160

2: 7820

3: 7480

4: 7140

6: 6800

6: 6460

7: 6120

8: 5780

9: 5440

10: 5100

11: 4760

12:  4500


Lease - Juice Booster 2 - Lease


    With JUICE BOOSTER 2 you can always charge at maximum speed, in complete safety, anywhere in the world, irrespective of the power connection type – automatically adjusted to the right setting.

    JUICE BOOSTER 2 is a portable 22 kW charging station, but can also be used as a wall box with a specially designed wall bracket. An extensive range of adapters allows the e-car driver to charge without a second thought, anywhere in the world, using any household and industrial sockets. These can be connected to JUICE BOOSTER 2 via the JUICE CONNECTOR, using connectors developed for the aerospace industry that can even withstand being run over. JUICE BOOSTER 2 then automatically recognises the power required to charge. The portable charging station is watertight, able to withstand a wheel load in excess of 3 tonnes should you drive over it by mistake, ultra-light, weighing only 1 kg, and compatible with all electric cars with a Type 1 or Type 2 connection. No need to fit an expensive RCD Class B device at home thanks to the integral RCD protection. Users can save up to 1,000 Euros/CHF.

    ... came top in recent ADAC (German Automobile Association) comparative tests on mobile charging stations;
    ... is the only charging station of its class that complies effectively with the standards;
    ... is waterproof to IP67, meaning that it is also suitable for use outside;
    ... guarantees increased flexibility. For ease of storage in your car boot, JUICE BOOSTER 2 comes in a special carrying case;

    ... is compatible with all existing and new electric cars on the market with a Type 1 or Type 2 connection;
    ... is versatile. You can charge with single or three-phase power up to 32 amps.
    … holds the prestigious German Design Award 2020.


    Why do I need JUICE BOOSTER 2?

    • For more flexibility. Thanks to JUICE BOOSTER 2 and its range of adapters, you can turn any standard household or industrial socket into a home charging point – and off you go.
    • For safe charging. The sturdy JUICE CONNECTOR and its associated fully automatic adapter recognition system guarantee safe charging every single time.
    • One charging station, three options: JUICE BOOSTER 2 not only works as a portable charging station or wall box, but also as a Type 2 cable for charging at public charging pillars. You just need JUICE BOOSTER 2 as a charging cable thanks to the Type 2 adapter.


    Technical specifications

    Dimensions:                                 Diameter: 70 mm, Length: 225 mm
    Weight:                                        1 kg excluding cable; 3.2 kg including cable and connector
    Input current:                                230 V, 6–32 A (single phase) or 400 V 6–32 A (3-phase) AC
    Power output:                               Depends on input current: 1.4 – 22 kW AC
    Colour:                                         Metallic anthracite Cable: Black
    Operating temperature:                 -25°C to +45°C
    CE conformity:                              IEC 62752, 62196, 61851, Mode 2/3, EMC, RoHS
    Protection rating – FI – safety:       IP67 - RCD B, DC 6 mA, AC/DC 30 mA

    Mains-end plug:                            via 25 self-detecting adapters available for household, industrial                                                         and EV sockets, cable 1.4 m + adapter approx. 30 cm
    Vehicle-end connector:                  Type 2/Type 1 (IEC 62196), Cable length: 3.1 m

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