Charging Mobility

At Zapp we are passionate about finding flexible and simple solutions to EV charging!


Electricity refund paid back monthly at 1.10 kr. / kWh.

As low as 50 kr. per month (with charger rental).

You can choose if you'd like your refund monthly or quarterly.

Are you tired of the jungle of charging options, hard to understand laws, and the inevitable subscription requirements that exist today? 


With Zapp, you get your choice of loaning a quality charger from us with minimal up front fees, or using your own charger and still get paid back for every Kilowatt-hour* you charge.  We proudly use only European made products.  

No long term subscriptions, or hidden fees.

Click on the Download the "STORE" just below.  There is an Execl spreadsheet, that you can calculate your best option based on your charging requirements.  Choose the service that's best for you.  Don't know?  just ask, as an EV enthusiasts we will point you towards a competitor if it saves you money, but we hope you choose us anyway!


 *  A kWh is the amount of kilowatts you charge in an hour.

Simple. Just choose one of two options.

1.  You own an EV charger already and want to keep it.  OK, let us help you get 1.10 kr. / kWh (el refusion) back for every kWh you charge. 

2.  You need a charger.  With Zapp you can buy one, or rent one.  It's up to you.  You can return it at anytime, or buy it outright.  

We scour the market, and are constantly updating and adding to our selection of  European produced chargers.  With an innovate approach, we can add kW meters to any charger!  Heck, if you find a charger you want, let us know, one of our certified technicians will install a kW meter on it for you.

No matter which option you choose Zapp will refund you

1.10 kr. / kWh for all your EV charging every month.   You choose if you'd like your refund monthly or quarterly. 

*If you have solar cells, a ground heater, or electric heating in your house, then you do not qualify for the electricity rebate.  

If you really want to know more, feel free to click on the link below.

El Refusion is only approved until 31 Dec 2021, although it is may be extended.



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